Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Free Libraries

What a wonderful, wonderful idea!

. . . Todd Bol came up with an idea to remember his mother, a teacher who had loved books and encouraged people to read.  

At his home in Hudson, Wisc., he built a box, made it waterproof and filled it with books.  It looked like a miniature one-room schoolhouse, with a sign underneath that said “Free Book Exchange.” Bol put it on a post outside of his house and invited neighbors to take a book, and return a book. 

That’s when something happened Bol says he never could have imagined. . . . 

Please go to the site: LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES, and learn more. 

The number of Little Free Libraries has grown to more than 1,500, in more than 40 states and 20 countries. Co-founders Bol and his friend Rick Brooks, hope to surpass the 2,509 libraries created by steel baron and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie

When a new library “registers” with the Free Little Library organization, it gets an official number and is added to a Google map where patrons can search for nearby libraries, see photos and stories about each library, and find information about the library’s steward — the person who maintains the library and its collection. 

Stewards report little trouble with Little Free Libraries (as it says on the org’s website, “You can’t steal a free book”). 

I think this is a wonderful idea and would like to make my own Little Free Library.
 I have a perfect spot in the front garden.
I'll keep you posted as to my progress and share a picture when I'm finished.

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