Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey. Sorry for my absence this past week; but when you're a job hunting, newly minted teacher, the window of opportunity is narrow. I was told by a very pleasant woman whom I called for information, that there are as many as a hundred applicants for many positions. I confessed that I really would not like to have her job, and she just sighed.

So as you might guess, after seven years of school work with a 3.9 GPA, and many years of tutoring reading and English - I feel a bit lost. A killer resume and lots of job apps have not even netted me an interview.

Maybe I can wear my degrees and credential, printed on a t-shirt when I work at Walmart.

Any suggestions for fighting the depression that sets in when you finally succeed and accomplish your greatest goals, only to have the world desert you?
Depressed man out of work, called no work by Blanche Grambs

I found a great site with some wonderful depression era artwork. It's called the Depression Art Gallery and this picture is from that site.

I bet you can't guess the name of this picture.

No Work, by Blanche Grambs (1935), and seems to say it all.

Are you sensing a theme in this post?

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