Monday, July 20, 2009


messy Garage with refrigerator and full of crapI thought it was time I did some housekeeping.

bucket of cleaning suppliescleaning lady with apron, mop, broom, and vacuumI went through all my links to make sure they were still working properly.

A few were not, and some sites had closed.

Those links are now gone.

So if you are missing something, that may be why.

If ever you hit on any of my links that are broken, please, tell me so that I can deal with them.

keyboard in KlingonI will be on the look out for more to share with you: AT, poetry, quotes, literature, SPED current events, ...

If you have suggestions for topics and ideas that will fit in with my 'theme,' by all means, share them.

lit lightbulbI can't make any promises other than that I will do my best.

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