Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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I should have known this wasn't going off as planned. I had intended to stick faithfully to Aint' I A Woman!, but that is just not happening. It is all in the spirit, though, because my tangents are also poems written by women.

I enjoy a daily side trip to a blog called Baroqueinhackney. It's written by, Katy Evans Bush, a poet in England. (Her professional website is here.) Today she mentioned the gem below, and when I read it I thought I dated that too. My daughter thinks she dated him as well. I think he gets around!

What a wonderful thing it would be if our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, and our students could have that simple self-regard.

To be honest, there were several poems with this name, and she gave no author. But this was the first one I read and I was captivated.

Narrow Escape

- Ruth Walters

He said he liked a clever woman 

not too fat and not too slim. 

She must be fair and have big bosoms, 

never swear or ‘back chat’ him. 

He said she’d have to mind her manners, 

always dress to please and then, 

told her she should never nag him, 

for he couldn’t stand the pain. 

She listened closely as he spoke 

of all his dreams and all his fads 

and then she let him natter on 

while she sat quiet on her hands. 

And when he finally had finished 

and she found her self esteem 

she told him not to call or phone her 

for she didn’t much like him.

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