Wednesday, July 1, 2009


magnifying glass with handle
If you haven't noticed the new widget at the top of the side bar, please take the time to look. It is not elegant, but it is soooooooo cool. AND I DID IT! Well, not by myself.

This widget allows you to change the text size on my blog to suit your needs.

I have been trying to do this since I started the blog, and it has been frustrating. I finally ran across the code on a site called Technology and Code, then had to figure out how to use it. Since I know nothing about programming, what should have been simple, was a major challenge.

I hope my little victory is of assistance to you.

If there are any other changes that would make my site more accessible to you, please let me know in the comments. As a computer illiterate, I can make no promises; but I will endeavor to make accessibility an integral part of my blog balance.

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