Sunday, July 26, 2009


- Teresita Fernandez, Cuba

In an old worn out basin
I planted violets for you
blue and white petunias in broken pot
and down by the river
with an empty seashell

I found you a firefly.
In a broken bottle

I kept a seashell for you
and coiled over that rusty fence

the coral snake flowered
just for you.
Cockroach wing

carried to the anthill:
that's how I want them to take me
to the cemetery when I die.
Garbage dump, garbage dump
where nobody wants to look
but if the moon comes out
your tin cans will shine.
If you put a bit of love
into ugly things
you'll see that your sadness
will begin to change color.

Aint' I A Woman! A Book of Woman's poetry From Around the World, Edited by Illona Linthwaite

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