Thursday, November 26, 2009


helping hand reaching outLately, I feel a great deal of sadness and anger as I watch good people turn their backs on compassion and mercy, and count their fellow humans as having less value than the dirt beneath their feet. This phenomenon has crossed all barriers; age, class, politics, economics.

Times are frightening and uncertain for most of us, citizens of what our founding fathers called "The Great Experiment."  And like starving dogs, people are ready to trample the homeless, poor, uninsured, sick, different, at the mere thought that these people might take something from them. And this is the time of year dedicated to peace, love, and charity.

The past few years have been hard for my family. We have, and continue to, deal with many trials. But so, so many are suffering much worse than we are right now. Shelters, Soup kitchens, pantrys, and charities of all kinds are finding themselves unable to meet the need. People who work hard are finding themselves in a place they never thought they'd be.

The hole that was dug the past few years is deep, and it will take many more before we have recovered. So what do we do in the mean time? Remember the starving, homeless people who came to this country over 200 years ago. Without the kindness of strangers they might surely have faced a different kind of fate.

There are really many options. In my side bar are two charities which directly benefit Victims of domestic violence, and Needy classrooms, respectively.

And listed below are some links for volunteering locally. This is also a way to help our kids learn valuable skills they will need to be good citizens when they grow up. It is also a way to show them the real spirit of thanksgiving.

And to those who would incite hatred and acrimony. Remember, we declared our independence by proclaiming that ALL are equal. And in our Constitution, if WE does not stand for ALL it stands for NONE.

A Nationwide Dialogue About Housing, Poverty, and Homelessness.

Where volunteering begins

Habitat For Humanity
Connect with Habitat in your community
Register to volunteer in disaster recovery

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