Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deep Thinking Or . . .

pile of leather bound books

"Stupid Quotes"  
the Book Mine 


(Couple, mid-forties. Pointing at antique book press)
(She) What's that?
(Man explains) They put each page into it to flatten them before making them into a book.
(She) It must take a long time!

[Sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing]

Where are your religious books?
We don't have many in stock. But we do have a few 19th century books.
I don't want old ones. I just want ones with the truth.

(Customer fills out search card: 16 Chapels)
(me) Oh, you're after books on European Churches?
No, just books about the 16 Chapels.
16 Chapels?
Yea, you know the one with the big painting on the ceiling.

[We will let you know what we find (once we stop convulsing)]
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