Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Poem Reminds Me Of Why I Love Etimology. Look Up Canary Islands (Home of Tenerife) And You Will Understand.

snowman in ice freezer with small evergreen tree

by Ian McMillan    

I keep my snowman in the freezer
Just behind the pies
He likes it there, he told me so
I can see it in his eyes.

I made him on a cold, cold morning
When the snow was fresh and deep
Now he sits in the freezer
Near the fish that we got cheap.

I keep my snowman in the freezer
And look at him each day.
If I’d left him in the garden
He’d simply have melted away.

But now he’s like my Grandma
Living somewhere safe and nice;
He’s in a frosty, snowy palace
On a throne of coldest ice.

I keep my snowman in the freezer
Near a lump of frozen beef
And I’ve got a treat for him in August:
I’m taking him to Tenerife!

Originally written for BBC R7 Little Toe.

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