Sunday, April 18, 2010


Stephen Colbert had an inspirational guest in his 'Colbert Report' the other day, Aimee Mullins. You can click on her name to go to her site.

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Aimee Mullins
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"Born without fibulae in both legs, Aimee's medical prognosis was bleak; she would never walk and indeed would spend the rest of her life using a wheelchair. In an attempt for an outside chance at independent mobility, doctors amputated both her legs below the knee on her first birthday. The decision paid off. By age two, she had learned to walk on prosthetic legs, and spent her childhood doing the usual athletic activities of her peers: swimming, biking, softball, soccer, and skiing, always alongside "able-bodied" kids."
This is a sampling of the themes Aimee addresses in her talks:
Innovative Thinking - changing your perspective to one of consistent discovery
Inclusive Design - human factors; the complete picture
Personal Leadership - learning to embrace change and challenge
Body Image - issues and resolutions
Leveraging Your Network - the power of collaborative change
Equity in Sports - opportunity and access for all

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