Friday, September 10, 2010


Just something to think about
in this competitive, fast paced world.

from Slow blog manifesto: 

1). Slow Blogging is a rejection of immediacy ...
2). Slow Blogging is speaking like it matters, ...
3). Slow Blogging is a reversal of the disintegration into the one-liners and cutting turns of phrase that are often the early lives of our best ideas. ...
4). Slow Blogging is a willingness to remain silent amid the daily outrages and ecstasies that fill nothing more than single moments in time, ...
5). Slow Blogging is a response to and a rejection of Pagerank. ...
6). Slow Blogging is the re-establishment of the machine as the agent of human expression, rather than its whip and container. ...  

a few additions:

7). Slow blogs are well written ...
8). Slow blogs are focused on content over format
9). Slow blogs posts are sometimes long
10). Slow blogs are original
11). Slow blogs are not unfairly critical of bloggers with different agendas.
12). Slow blogs encourage community building
13). Slow blogs are worth the time


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