Tuesday, January 4, 2011


clip art drawing of Victorian woman writing

How did I do on my POETRY ACTION PLAN FOR 2010?  

I would have to say that I wasn't overwhelmingly successful in realizing my three major goals.

* My first goal was to Write a Poem a Week. ~ While My writing output increased, it still fell short of 52 finished poems. By the close of the year I had realized 28 poems, 11 of them finished. I discovered with this exercise that I have trouble letting go and allowing a poem to actually be done.

On the positive side, I have also begun Journaling and so even if I am not writing poetry, I am still writing.

* My second goal was to Finish two Manuscripts I had begun. ~ Neither of these manuscripts finished at this time. I'm actually farther from my goal than when I started, due in part to my inability to allow a poem to be done. (see goal one, above) I started back into those poems previously completed, so . . . 

* My third and final goal was to Submit poems to magazines. ~ This one I did. I had read that it is good to start with contests, so that's where I focused my energies. Unfortunately, I won exactly zero contests. I need to think about what that means.

The way I see it, I may not have realized my writing goals, but I learned some very important things about myself that may enable me to do better this year.

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