Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Two months ago, a Tunisian fruit vendor lit a match, starting a fire that has spread throughout the Arab world. Muhammad Bouazizi's self-immolation prompted anti-government protests that toppled the regime in Tunisia and then Egypt. The demonstrations have spread across a swath of the Middle East and North Africa. - CNN World.

drawing of peace sign with the word revolution in front and flowers all around

Right now, so many people are fighting for their freedom, indeed for their basic humanity. Politicians and arm chair pundits around the world have weighed in on the whys and wherefores and whatnots; readily speculating and judging  from their relative safety and distance. In all this coverage they often overlook, downplay, and even deny the very heart of the protesters. 

These people are rightfully chafing against rulers that denied, humiliated, tortured, and suppressed them for generations.

I read the unfolding of these events with a mixture of joy, sadness, and trepidation. Joy at the opening of new possibilities, sadness at the loss of life and liberty during the protests, and trepidation at the thought of the struggles still to come. 

All these people deserve - at the very least - our prayers, our hopes, our positive thoughts.

OK. I'm off my soap box now. Thank you for your patience. 


Internet Resource Guide for the Middle East and North Africa.

Or this cool site, Human Rights Initiative of North Texas.

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