Friday, March 4, 2011

I Just Ran Across Some Reflections On A Man Of Whom I'd Never Heard; The Rev. Peter Gomes.

Those who knew, loved, and respected him, as they marked his passing and mourned his absence from their lives, painted the picture of a man I wish I'd known; a kind, funny, intelligent man of honor.

Included were some quotes that made me laugh aloud. This one is my favorite:

"Upon concluding four years of study at this fine institution, most of you have surely learned that here at Harvard, it's not who you know that matters. It's whom."

Maybe it's just the English teacher in me, but I nearly baptized my monitor with tea as I read that.

Without having ever met this man, 
I truly believe that the world is a colder, emptier, duller, 
and less compassionate place without him in it.

I've included a liberal sprinkling of links that may be of interest

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