Monday, May 23, 2011

Reexamining Assumptions

... [B]e careful what behaviors you extinguish -- there is likely some really smart thinking going on where you assume there is none.

I almost told this English Language Learner to put her paper away during read aloud, but, not knowing for sure how much she can even understand as she listens, I let her keep doodling while I read, ...

She handed this picture to me at the end of read aloud, when she leaves for an afternoon of extended ELL classes. ... This is EXACTLY what is happening in the story right now.

  - Mari Lee, at A Year of Reading.
red apple covered in dew

This is so true when limited communication ability is an issue.
Whether the cause is language barrier or disability, it is important to separate it from actual knowledge and understanding, a monumental task to be sure, but imperative nonetheless.

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