Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I may not have a daughter, but if I did, let me tell you what I'd want for her. I'd want her to live in a society that treated her like an adult, when she became one. I want I society that respects her personal decisions, her body, and her property. I don't want her to become a drug addict or a sex worker. But if she became a drug addict, I would want her to be treated by doctors, not police officers. If she became a sex worker, I'd want her to able to organize for the decent wages and better working conditions, without fear of legal repercussion.

I want my daughter to be able to take society's respect for her person and property and internalize it. I want my daughter to reject substance abuse, not out of fear of law enforcement, but because she cares about her body enough not to risk harming it. I want her to reject sex work, not because of the criminal world it associates with, but because she views sex as something important, do be done with someone you love. I want my daughter to be a good person, and that can only happen in a free society.

from: The Daily Beast, Andrew Sullivan,

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