Friday, November 11, 2011


"In war ... there are no unwounded soldiers." 

- Jose Narosky

Submission courtesy of Zoriah 

The Graffiti of War Project (homepage) . . .

... [E]xperience the wars through the eyes of those living and dying through these conflicts. Each image represents a moment in time, when an emotion was captured in ink, paint, or pencil, an unconventional historical record of this generation's war.
Our Mission is that through sharing these images, we will begin a dialog between soldier and civilian, to bridge this ever-widening divide between our warfighters and civilians. To bring understanding and true empathy of what our military men and women experience during their deployments. ...
We have NO political affiliation, NO ulterior agenda other than to ensure our brothers and sisters-in-arms receive the help and support they deserve because of their selfless service to answer the call to arms. They are that 1% and it is our duty as Americans to ensure their health and posterity.

28th CSH Sather Air Base Iraq 2010 
submitted by James M.
Submitted by Alex Pagel, taken in 2008, Camp Victory Iraq. 
Created as a memorial for soldiers killed in an IED attack.

Submission by Jesse T. 
titled: "Paradise Contemplated"

The Graffiti of War, by Susannah Breslin, BoingBoing.

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