Friday, December 30, 2011

Do You Think the New Year Will Be Different?

I see priests raping children.

I see a publicity-seeking nun praising pain and suffering, poverty and sickness.

I see politicians pandering for votes by demanding the persecution of gays in the name of Jesus.

I see godly men declaring that the role of women is to be silent and subservient…and brood a quiverful of children.

I see fanatics strapping explosives to their bodies and killing randomly in the name of their god.

I see lobbyists hard at work, trying to dilute science education, and suggesting that we teach the Flintstones as fact in our biology classes.

I see a pope in fancy silks and gold-bedecked palace urging people to shun materialism and savor the simple life.

I see deluded people opposing work to alleviate climate change because they’re sure God wouldn’t let it happen.

I see ordinary people certain that these are the End Times, rejoicing in our imagined imminent apocalypse, and actively working to bring it about.

If you aren’t angry, there’s something wrong with you.

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