Friday, December 2, 2011

An Event Which Makes No News

- Shinkawa Kazue

tree trunk that looks like a woman with outstretched arms
Did you see in the shadowy woods
a branch grew, leaves came out
of a girl's pliant extended arms
and quickly became a tree?
Did you see?
A youth stood by the tree,
took off his deep blue coat,
and in a moment became a dove?

(The telephone keeps ringing, ringing.
   Nobody answers, nobody is there, today is

When the lights go on on the suburban trains,
People come back to their office buildings
wearing the face of human beings.

Haven't you heard the story?
In the nearby meadow,
one or two unknown horses have lingered on
these days after a holiday.

(The telephone keeps ringing, ringing.
   Nobody answers.
   Nobody is there. Eventually, it's Monday)

from: Women Poets of Japan. Copyright 1977.
Photo Source.

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