Saturday, December 24, 2011

Here's to the Possibilities this Christmas Eve!

During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 1914,
British and German troops stationed along the Western Front, held an unofficial "Christmas Truce". In "No Man's Land" they exchanged gifts and pleasantries, as they drank and sang carols together. A soccer match even broke out.

pencil drawing of armed British and German soldiers shaking hands in the snow

Although the Christmas of 1914,
  itself, is now a distant memory, and might seem an impossiblity in today's world where cultural differences seem insurmountable, it remains a symbol of hope to those who believe in our shared humanity, its resilience and ability for to unify and heal.

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  1. Hello,

    Author ... Nice story. I'm going to post your image and a reference to your story today on my page today to my 3,300 subscribers. See (Jesus Christ The Messiah). The post will be about loving your enemies.

    If you have any issue with this post, just let me know. It might give you some additional followers, though.

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  2. By all means, Jeff. It is not my story, just one of the many beautiful pieces I have found and felt should be shared.

    I like your ideas about loving your enemies. Have you read Twain's War Prayer? It give a sobering perspective on the things we think we want.