Saturday, February 18, 2012

Have You Ever Pushed a Button and Watched Years of Hard Work and Love Self-destruct?

You may notice some major changes in the look of my blog today. Although I've wanted to update for quite a while, this update was the result of a major F . . .  Well, lets just call it a boo boo and leave it at that.

I pushed the wrong button and all h . . . Well, my blog changed into something pink and bizarre. After a while I was able to reinstall the original template, only to find that my links and widgets were completely gone. 

But wait. There's more! Not content with a small . . . boo boo . . . I was able to make it much, much worse. When I followed Blogger's instructions to reinstate my back-up, a white page, full of what I can only surmise was code, came up in place of the entire blog.

Desperate at the complete loss of three year's work, I turned to my hero - my lover, best friend, and husband. You know, my own private superhero. In just a few minutes he had my blog up, with a new but working template that I was able to customize.

thank you, in script with a rainbow behind itThis isn't the first time he's saved my bacon.

He can fix anything.

And believe me, after more than twenty years together, he's had plenty of practice! 

So this post is for him.

Thank you, my love, for never shying away from the challenge.

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