Monday, March 5, 2012


Both of these stories are eBook offerings, and short stories.  

It seems that the advent of eReaders and internet self-publishing have encouraged many writers to enter the publishing pool one toe at a time rather than jumping in all at once.

They are taking chances that a publishing house would never have given them. With their timidness and bottom line focus, publishers are not inclined to gamble on novel ideas or styles.

These writers are publishing on their own terms; and as a teacher, I can see the value of receiving feedback on small projects before investing the thousands of hours needed to craft a novel.

Also because of this self-publishing boom, critics are loudly bemoaning the decline in the quality of literature that they perceive as the inevitable result.

Is there more bad writing out there.


But there is also more good, creative, chance taking writing as well.

And the benefit goes to every reader who is willing to take chances and not just accept what the publishers are spoon feeding them.

The choice - the choice is mine. (Yes. Of course, it's yours too.)


The Emo Bunny That Should: A Story for Demented Children - John H. Carroll

You might want to think twice about reading this story to the little ones. I, however, thought it was fun and I think that many adolescents would agree with me. Not out loud, of course. But I anticipate more than a few positive mumbles and subtle head tosses of approval.

In the end, this is a story about stepping outside your comfort zone, a feat difficult for the best of us at times.


Bunnies - Justin Cawthorn

This one had an interesting premise and started out great. If you shouldn't read the last one to kids, then this one . . . Well let me put it this way, my grown sister would never sleep again if she read it.

NOTE: These are not, in any way, meant to be comprehensive reviews.  
They are intended to acknowledge that I have read the book and give my honest core impressions. 

If a real review is what you wish, there are many wonderful book blogs available, and I have provided some tools to find them under the tab marked "Useful."

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