Thursday, June 14, 2012


The Game - Laurie R. King     

OK, now this was good. Mary Russell meets Rudyard Kipling's Kim . . . then . . .

A fictional character (Mary) contemplates the realization that another fictional character (Kim) is, in fact, real. But then realizes that yet another character (Holmes), though real, is thought to be fictional also.

I think we're sliding into Philip K. Dick territory, here. Fun.

Locked Rooms - Laurie R. King     

In Mary Russell's latest outing we meet - are you ready - Dashiell Hammett

I have always loved Hammett and own everything he wrote, which really isn't much. I despise the witch hunting of the McCarthy era. It robbed the world of so much talent, not just Hammett's . . . Sorry. Off topic, I know.

I had an issue with this book which alternated sections told from Russell's and Holmes' perspectives. This entailed retelling of substantial portions of the story and I've never cared much for the device. Other than that, I enjoyed the book

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