Monday, October 1, 2012


The list of banned books always surprises me. (Examples courtesy of Controversial & Banned Books

A book celebrating the many types of families that actually exist in this country, A dictionary, the quintessential book about censorship! This last one is proof that the folks banning books need to check those banned dictionaries for the word "irony."


by Meredith Tax A young children's book that creatively describes different family structures, was finally removed by the Fairfax County school board. Meredith Tax's beloved book had been under attack for a long time, during which many individuals and organizations rose to its defense. What's more, Families was praised by the board's own review committees.


American Heritage Dictionary (1969)

In 1978, an Eldon, Missouri library banned the dictionary because it contained 39 "objectionable" words. And, in 1987, the Anchorage School Board banned the dictionary for similar reasons, i.e., having slang definitions for words such as "bed," "knocker," and "balls."


Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury This book is about censorship and those who ban books for fear of creating too much individualism and independent thought. In late 1998, this book was removed from the required reading list of the West Marion High School in Foxworth, Mississippi. A parent complained of the use of the words "God damn" in the book. Subsequently, the superintendent instructed the the teacher to remove the book from the required reading list.

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