Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Morning Haiku - Sonia Sanchez  

I really enjoy discovering new to me poets and I love haiku, so for me this book was an exacta.

Ms Sanchez offers haiku in many different styles, as tributes and celebrations, and occasionally her words stopped me cold.

          Why do some days wear the
          clothing of a beggar?

Basho is a perennial favorite of mine. I've been reading his haiku for years but only just recently began reading the travel Sketches. Even through uneven translations, his mastery of language shines.

I was stunned though when I read of his encounter with an abandoned three year old child. He sympathizes with the child's undeserved suffering, bemoans that it was caused by "the irresistible will of heaven," then says that he must pass on and leave the child behind. He gave the child what little food he had, then left.

I need some time to process. Talk amongst yourselves.

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