Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Coming Into Eighty - May Sarton

When I found this book I had already read Recovering, one of Ms Sarton's journals, and the Selected Poems of May Sarton. I'm truly sorry that I never had the chance to meet this wonderfully talented poet.

Many of her chosen topics resonate deeply with me, and this particular volume touches on my own thoughts as I age.
Here's one of my favorites:

The Teacher

I used to think
Pain was the great teacher
But after two years
Of trying to learn
Its lessons
I am hoping my teacher
Will go away
She bores me almost to death,
She is so repetitive.

The pain I meant
Is the pain of seperation
The end of a love.
That lesson is never learned
and is never boring.
Only a kind of winter.
Memory is merciless.

Modern Haiku - Volume 43.3 

I enjoy poetry journals. This one is a wonderful anthology of haiku, senyru, haibun, and essays on poetry.

Here's a haiku by Carlos Colon.

poetry post
the pain
of no likes

Acorn #29  

This was another enjoyable little read, kind of like running your hands through a bowel of beautiful little gems. This journal includes only haiku, but that is more than enough.

A sample, by Billie Wilson:

thunderheads forming
I add a bit of fine print
to my morning prayer

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