Saturday, March 23, 2013

In What Unexpected Places Do You Find Poetry?

I have very eclectic taste in reading material. That goes not only for literature, but also for the informative and educational fare. That being said, I've discovered a wonderful trend - poetry in unexpected places.

Several of the sites/blogs I frequent regularly for intelligent and thought provoking reading, feature poetry on a regular basis, and the poetry tends to be topical and hard to dismiss. 3Quarks Daily and Andrew Sullivan's The Dish are but two.

This, from 3Quarks Daily, is just one example:

red and yellow tulips planted in old army boots
A Good Poet's Boots
by Jim Culleny

a good poet's subversive
—not to the point of blood in the streets

but to the point of burrowing beneath
his garden of conceits like an insistent vole
and killing those weeds at their roots

everyone in this way
can walk in a good poet’s boots

Photo Source: Soldiers coming home: A Garden of Healing.

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