Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Have Some Catching Up to Do

sad looking yellow tabby catI've been out sick for a week or so, and happily, the blog just went on its merry way, on a sort of auto pilot. But . . .

You know how folks with OCD feel compelled to complete their tasks for fear that something bad will happen? Well, I have a hard time disconnecting from the news (whatever the source) for fear that I will miss something. This isn't a fear that I won't know everything. More like a fear that something will sneak up behind me, and there'll be no defense. . . . I was out of touch and bad things happened. I'm sorry.

Yeah, I know. But therapy is expensive.

My heart breaks for those whose lives have been marred by tragedy. I feel so insignificant, inconsequential, and there is so little I can do. But this is not about me. There is so much I'd like to say, but what it all comes down to is, these people need action not words. Many of them are going to have overwhelming medical debt to compound their suffering. I could not be the one to jump hurdles or rush into the smoke and flames, but I can give the little bit I have to help someone else. I hope you'll join me.
cartoon kids holding sign that says please help

Here are a couple of posts with some 
relevant information and links on giving:

Here are a couple of established charities with
great track records:

* Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund contributions assist Red Cross relief efforts everywhere.

* Limbs For Life Foundation helps people with serious limb trauma, leading to expensive rehabilitation and prosthetics they can't afford.

And some area specific charities:


(from the Boston AG) Donors should check if charities are registered or have been rated on websites such as, or the attorney general’s Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division at Also check if websites that solicit donations match an established charity, are secure and have been linked by legitimate organizations. Visit for more tips on donating wisely.

* (Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino established this fund after the attack.)

* Visit to donate. (At least six Boston police and firefighters unions set up this fund after the bombing to aid victims. It is set up at the Boston Firefighters Credit Union.)

* Visit Click “yes” for the question, “Is this donation in support of an event, campaign or fundraiser?” Select “Boston Marathon Relief Fund” from the next drop-down menu.
(This nonprofit has established a Boston Marathon Relief Fund as part of its existing America’s Fund to assist victims of the bombing.)
According to its website, the Semper Fi Fund has raised $74 million over the past decade to help injured or critically ill U.S. troops and their families. Assistance from the Boston Marathon Relief Fund “will start with the most critically injured and expand as we receive donations,” the website says.
Charity Navigator has given the Semper Fi Fund its highest four-star rating, and the group is registered both as a nonprofit and with the attorney general’s Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division.

* The Blood Center of Central Texas. With so many injured, blood will be in high demand at hospitals and emergency stations. Consider making an appointment to give later in the month.

* Atheist Giving Aid. We don’t get the luxury of planning for when tragedies strike. 

* Catholic Charities, Central Texas works with the Red Cross and handles more long-term case management.

Also . . . 

littl girl holds out sparkly heart* We might spare a thought for the victims of the Exxon Oil pipeline breaks. (if you're brave try this link to a list of American oil spills in the 20th century.)

* Remember the town of Newton, Mass. (and every other town) and the ongoing battle for common sense gun control laws that are somehow controversial now. Here is a layout of representative stances on legislation as well as other pertinent information. And here are links for contact information for elected officials?

* Continued support for the provisions of the unfolding Affordable Care Act would also be a good thing.

Perhaps one day people will only have to worry about surviving and healing, and not losing everything the worked for when they're most vulnerable.

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