Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Reviews. Sort Of.

New poetry journals came in the mail last week! These are like candy; I want to wolf them down in one sitting, but I make myself slow down and savor them slowly.

srpr (spoon river poetry review), 2013 Issue 38.1
"[E]veryday we encounter worlds that reveal, affirm, provoke and disrupt the sensations we experience as home."
I liked the poems in this issue. I wish we could have been more than friends. But I stood at the doorway, an outsider looking in. Perhaps another time.

modern HAIKU, Summer 2013 Volume 44.2

Poetry, essays, awards & contests, artwork ... I enjoyed the essays, discussing William Carlos Williams and Octavio Paz respectively, and their relationships to haiku. The poetry itself was engaging.

Oh! Check out Haiku Elvis.
remote control
I accidently try
to mute my wife

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