Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quote of the Day

We serve a God who takes sides.

The controversial nature of such a statement is itself evidence of the theological rot that has pervaded the evangelical community.

Our God comes through the pages of scripture as a God who is unequivocally and always for the weak against the strong, the poor against the rich, the oppressed against their oppressors, the powerless against the powerful, the impoverished against the privileged.

Many White evangelicals can grudgingly accept this, but are loath to apply it. Because in the United States all of these dualities are racialized. In our history the oppressed and their oppressors have had a certain color.

The overwhelming weight of the evidence and the cry of personal testimonies like those of Tripp Lee says that they still do.

So when we believe our task is simply to be civil and see the good in both sides, we adopt a neutrality that God himself doesn’t abide.

- Jesse Curtis,
(Hat tip to Fred Clark at Slacktivist for this.)

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