Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guest Blogger Today!

Happy! Happy! Happy! A long time mentor of mine stopped by yesterday and allowed me to coerce him in to working on a few of my house plants. Hank has had quite a green thumb in his day, and has taught me a great deal about growing things, especially about fertilizing them well.

The first thing we did was to make some self-watering planters, because I have a terrible habit of over or under watering my house plants. If you'd like the instructions, they can be found {here}. We modified the plans a bit, but not much.  

In the first picture you see: soil, 2 litre soda bottles (empty), screen circles to cover the holes, and felt strips to act as wicks.

The instructions are simple, really.

  1. Cut the bottle approximately in half. 
  2. Invert the top half. 
  3. String a felt strip so that it will draw water from the bottom half up into the soil 
  4. Insert the screen circle. 
  5. Fill with dirt and plant. 

Hopefully I can keep these guys alive better. (Now I just need to outsmart the cats.)

Next, Hank took a look at my spider plant in the front window. It was getting dark by the time we got to it so the best picture I got was actually from outside. (Please pay no attention to my dirty windows.) You can see Hank in the background, almost hidden by the massive plant, and some of our Halloween decorations in the foreground.

He did a bit of trimming, but the good news is that I have managed to avoid damaging it, and it is in ripping good health.

Hank loves to nurture heirloom, rare, and just plain odd plants that he finds on his travels or through people he meets, and he gave me a pot full of seedlings. (I hope I do him justice.)

It's right there in the center of this not very clear picture.

My camera isn't very good and there is a glare from the lights, but here is a closeup.

From myself, my family, and 'Hank,'
Have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!


Does this qualify as a Saturday Farmer's Market post even though it's on Thursday?

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