Friday, November 29, 2013


You Know When the Men are Gone - Siobhan Fallon   

Perhaps it is the relentless and ever distant background of war that permeates the story, but I really did not like this novel.

Military wives endure an existence I cannot even fathom, and this novel reduced them to gossipy stereotypes, with stories that seemed to meander on then stop with no resolution.

Deadly Heat - Richard Castle    

A murder mystery written by a fictional character, who based his (fictional) characters on the (fictional) people with whom he (fictionally) works - what could be better? (Did I mention that they're all fictional?)

This is the fifth book in the series. I have read them all and will continue doing so, as long as 'Richard Castle' continues to (fictionally) write them.

Are you curious about the real identity of the author? {then click here}

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story - Michael Dibdin  

No. Just no.

Dibdin, author of the Aurelio Zen Mysteries, gives us a take on the Sherlock Holmes cannon some might consider blasphemous. It definitely headed in a dark and unexpected direction.

Dust - Patricia Cornwell  

Let me start by saying that I think inserting a fictional character into a recent real life tragedy that touched the nation and fueled ongoing heated and acrimonious debate is not a good choice.

That being said, Scarpetta seems to be continuing on her path back toward the things that made her so initially compelling.

All in all, it was a fairly satisfying read.

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