Friday, January 10, 2014

Pigging Out

 - Wanda Coleman
                          for Austin

at the restaurant we sit down to wine
we are so hungry
the crisp appetizers/early loves
and lightly seasoned salad
we’ve developed appetites for the garlic & onion of life
gorging on a main course of dissatisfaction
over frustrated creativity in
economic plight
he chews over his brooklyn childhood
i pick at the tedium of youthful watts summers

we eat away the lousy jobs stunting our talent
we eat away the hot smog-filled day
we eat away the war in the headlines
we eat away the threat of nuclear holocaust
we eat away love-threatening pressures
we eat away the human pain we see/feel/
are stymied by

[pride is such thin dessert]

we eat until our smiles return
until fat and happy

from: Imagoes, Copyright 1983.


  1. well, that certainly hits the spot

    1. My husband took the metaphor to it's 'logical' conclusion. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) It's not romantic or poetic, but it does offer a satisfying end to pressures and concerns we want to be rid of.