Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slave Driven

Wanda Coleman  

i barely niggle a living squirreling around
the home office. I work for myself as my own secretary.
it’s a shitty job, paperwork ceiling to floor. the
technology changes every few months. i’m on call
weekends and holidays. no benefits or perks.
there’s no vacation or overtime. the pay is less
than minimum wage.
it’s like every job I’ve ever had except I don’t drive
rush-hour traffic and can wear nightclothes if I want.
there are no racist vibes, no gender or sex preference
or intergenerational discrimination, quitting time
is determined by level of exhaustion.
i get no breaks. i sit all day.
i grab a bite while on duty
the boss never has anything
good to say

from: Ostinato Vamps. Copyright 2003.


  1. Love the final line of this poem.

    1. Since I'm freelancing right now, It captures my existence. We tend to be much harder on ourselves than those bosses we hate so mush.