Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Poetry Journals

Journals are a good way to be exposed to some of the best new poetry available. Of course, the sheer number of new poems published regularly ensures that they don't represent all or even most of it, especially with so many failing in the current economic atmosphere. But they are still a good way to taste and try different poets and styles.

Spoon River Poetry Review (srpr)

How We Met
- Allison Joseph

Not in a smoky club with me
in red velvet, d├ęcolletage heaving.
Not in a bird sanctuary,
no glossy feathers floating
down around our heads.
Not in church, no big-hatted,
big-bosomed ladies orchestrating
our union. Not on a beach,
no starfish, sizzled flesh.
No street corner, no streetlamp,
no halo of light blessing
our moment of meeting forward.

Not in Rockaway, Piscataway,
Biscayne Bay or Pismo Beach.
No Boston or Brazil. No, instead,
picture a sagging sofa

in a shotgun grad-student house,
keg party where old students
check new recruits: wary poets
circling each other, fiction
writers divvying up plots.
Eager, silly, 21, I plop down
next to you, extend my hand
at the instant you reveal

your hometown, and all I see
is a girl like me spat on by
whites, Elizabeth Eckford
caught in rabid crossfire

Could they be your family,
your neighbors? But you
don’t stutter, don’t blanch,
don’t redden or shrink in shame.

“Central High, 1957,” you say,
drawing close the hand I pulled
back, pulling me into you,
past all that hurt called history.

Copyright 2013 Spoon River Poetry Review

Wistful Thinking (haibun)
- Tom Painting, Atlanta, Georgia

It rained the night we stayed in the cabin. I recall the sound on the tin roof. Earlier in the day we had picked apples in an abandoned orchard and later pared them for pie, cutting away the wormy parts. That night we slept in the loft where the warmth would remain once the fire went out.

after a long soak
I drain the tub
Copyright 2013 Haiku Society of America

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