Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real Readers . . .


Do you feel that only people who read their books on a certain platform (i.e. print, eBook, audiobook, ...) or in a certain way (one at a time, many at once, fifteen minute segments, ...) deserve to be called real readers?

Heard (or read) any of these:

  • It has to be printed books . Not the software and hardware inside a computer laptop or I pad . The look and feel of a book only touches your heart.
  • Technology is for sissies.. Concerning e books anyway .. : )
  • Listening to Audio books isn’t cheating but it isn’t reading either. Listening to an audiobook but saying that you read the book is a complete lie.

I agree with dr b at Book Riot that there is no such thing as a Real Reader.

I consume my books in print, but also as eBooks and audiobooks. Just as I read different books in different moods or mindsets, I find that the different platforms enable me to sneak reading time into even more areas of my life than ever before.

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