Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - Happy Saturday! [UPDATED]

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The camera really doesn't do this Iris justice. 
It is a pale, powdery blue and has a stunning fragrance to rival the roses.

The 'mailbox bed' is filling in nicely. The Sedum overwintered like a champ and is covered in tiny yellow flowers. Between it and the Coreopsis there isn't much room left.

Just behind them is the Fortnight Lily, which is sending up lots of flower spikes.

My African Daisies (on the backside, along the sidewalk) didn't survive the winter, so I just replaced them with Portulaca. Even if they are only an annual here, they'll make a beautiful (and water-wise) show for the summer. I'll get a picture when there starts to be more flower than dirt.

The color in front is pansies. I love pansies and plant lots of them in the fall (they love the winter here) and early spring. But the heat of the CA summer is harsh, and they fade as spring progresses into summer.

There is a Cape Honeysuckle that will cover the fence along the back with bright orange flowers. It seems to be a slow grower, so unless it takes off soon, that may take a while.

Not seen in this picture are the Agave I just planted and my four Sunflowers.

I have a clump of large sized Hens & Chicks near my Rosemary, and this precious little gem is their handiwork.

I'm not usually impressed by the flowers succulents send up, but these are lovely.

I finally transplanted the peppers from the cold frame.

I planted one plant each of Jalapeno, Sweet Red, and Sweet Green Peppers.

My Chives (I had both garlic and regular) finally gave up this winter so I had to replace them.

I headed to my local un-box nursery to replace them and the squash eaten by the slugs.

Well, I should have gotten moving sooner. By the time I got there the veggies were very picked over, and I was only able to get the Garlic Chives.

One of the first things that any reference material says about Gardenias is that they are evergreen.

Mine. Not so much.

I have two of them and this is pretty much what they both look like. I figured their water needs are similar to roses so they would be happy near them.

No. Not happy.

There is new growth on them. There is every spring. But it doesn't even get close to being full before winter is here again. I have PHed & amended, mulched, covered & ...

In short, I've given all kinds of extra attention to them that I swore not to give to individual plants.

And do they appreciate it? No.

I just pulled this one out of the ground and potted it to see if I can find a way to help them. Maybe bring them inside. I don't know. I'm stumped. Anybody have any ideas?

This is my Sweety working on an old pallet that the boys found along the river on one of their walks. With a little bit of modification it will become a vertical garden planter.

I plan to fill it with pesto Basil. I know I'm running a bit late with this project, but 'timely' is not my middle name

Poppies & Roses

The poppies on this side have been self seeding for years. They look like such a delicate and fragile plant, but it's not unusual for them to last through the winter unfazed and double their size come spring.

The Irises are spent, but the Roses have just begun.

This bed separates the driveway from the yard.

One of last year's Birthday Roses in bloom.

It has clusters of tiny buds and blooms in little nosegays.

The forecast says rain, and it's been threatening all week, but I have my doubts.
And just think, there was once a time when I was an optimist.
UPDATE: Shows what I know. It started pouring yesterday afternoon and rained most of the night! 

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