Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - Inventory +

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There is not much to report this week, but it's time for an inventory: 

First, I got my remaining two Agave planted.

My son-in-law did the honors this week.

They look a lot smaller now, but much happier.

I'm fighting slugs and snails for the souls of my Snow Peas and Cucumbers. At this point I'm still trying to avoid poisons.

Normally, I have plenty of birds to do the job for me, but something perplexing is going on. Since the last big storm, about two weeks ago, all my birds have disappeared. Hummingbirds, finches, etc., all are gone. I have no Idea what happened. My feeders sit untouched and I've had to replace two batches of nectar. The birds usually emptied the feeders weekly, at least.

I will have to purchase Zucchini plants to replace the lost ones; and my Chives didn't return this year, so I will need to purchase them too.

Finally! The mailbox bed at the front corner of the property was the last bed to finally receive its soaker hose. All the beds are now much more water wise.

As the heat builds, the pansies, violets, and violas start to fade, and mine won't be around much longer.

So I thought I'd share a picture while they're still around.

The cucumber plants are still very small, about eight inches, but we have flowers.

And if you look real close you can see the beginnings of a tiny pickle under the right hand one.

I planted three packages of Sunflowers in the mailbox bed this year.

I got three sunflowers.

That's better than the last time I tried to grow sunflowers; I got zero and my neighbor (who planted none) ended up with two in her back yard.

I'm pretty sure the birds watch me plant them and sneak out later to dig them up.

Next year I'll sprout my own, plant the seedlings, and see how that goes.

The Lettuce is still looking good. I'll have to thin the plants soon.


Of course, the new crop of Oranges is setting up.

Yes, more Daffodils. They're starting to fade and will be gone real soon.

Here is another Blue Iris. They are all taking turns to make sure each one is the center of attention.


  1. Oh my gosh, just look at all this colorful goodness!!! LOL--you just made me feel like an idiot though. I've very, very rarely been able to grow sunflowers. And yet despite all the many things I sprout inside, I never once thought to try that with sunflowers.

    1. I have big ambitions to start all the plants I'll grow next year. We'll see what happens.