Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - Happy Easter!?

Created by Heather at Capricious Reader, and now hosted by Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made on.

Happy Easter Everyone!
(from my Lily, anyway)


This formidable weed has sharp barbs along all its edges and fiberglass like hairs all over the face of its leaves.

But the flower is a lovely purple.

- Brooke Moran

I am lost and afraid.
my world has come to rain.
it is bitter and cold.
I have a sore soul.
Things have been forgotten and left behind.
The world in and out is in an ugly binde.
There are things people just shouldn't know.
And if its okay for me to say I think I rather have the right to say
that history has been blown away.
We are savages to our own kind, even it does not show
The mirror is quite a foe.
It doesn't let you see everything. What happened to our insides?
I'm affraid its only for the best.
Because as we know it, nothing will rest.

UPDATE from Last Week:

* We've been eating our Peas pretty much off the vine. I bring in a bunch, par boil, ice them, and we eat them like M&Ms. There won't be any preserved and we are coming to the end of the season for them, but they were a hit.

* I need to get more Lettuce in the ground. I've been neglecting my staggered planting times and we've eaten nearly all I had planted.

* My Tomato plants are getting big. I plucked the first blooms off of all of them already. (This reroutes the nutrients to the bush and makes it stronger and able to bear more fruit.) I can't believe I planted four bushes. I must have lost my mind. I had two last year that supplied my husband and I, my daughter's family, and some of the neighbors. The area around them is badly in need of weeding right now too. It never ends . . .

* Plum tree:

The larger of the two Plum trees, which gave us the delicious fruit last year, is so heavy with fruit this year it bent in half.

We had to use ropes, supports, and the fence to hold it up straight, and we lost quite a lot of fruit in the process (there's still quite a lot, though).

I still have to make some supports for a few of the individual branches. They'll be easy, 6' long 1x1s with two nails in the top forming a kind of 'v' will push the branches up without harming them. That's the way my Grandfather did it.
One of the Pluot trees is leaning badly, but will be much easier to straighten.

Baby Pomegranates

 Baby Navel Oranges


The largest of the four Sunflowers is about eight feet tall.

The Morning Glories are filling in, but my trellis is obviously too short.

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