Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - New Toy Alert!

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My new camera just arrived! It's an Olympus E-PM1, which is a big step up from my little no name pocket digital. It's just like my ancient Pentax SLR, but tiny, and filmless. I only have the lens it came with, but like the old school SLRs, there are other choices depending on your needs. I'm saving up for a macro lens.

The good news is that even with my limited experience, the pictures are already much better than those from the old camera.

The bad news is that now I have only myself to blame for lousy pictures.

Today's post is pretty much just showing off my new toy . . .

The Fortnight Lily is finally blooming. 
In this picture the flowers look like little white butterflies.

The Chrysanthemums have begun their first bloom of the season. 
If they hold true to form, they will be covered in flowers through mid summer then bloom again in the fall.

The Pansies may be fading, but they are still holding on.

Happy Marigolds are keeping the veggies company. 
They add a nice sturdy, compact, bit of color and they require no attention themselves.

The Morning Glories started slow, but they have taken off
My grandmother used to have them climbing up the end of her porch every summer.

The Verbena is waking up. 
It makes a nice ground cover in places where you want to naturalize a bit.

A close up of the Coreopsis
I'm amazed at how big they grew over the course of the year. The plants are three of four times the size they were when I planted them.

Bees. They are the real work horses of the garden. 
And everybody loves the Lavender, especially the Bees

And finally, Roses
I really need to get out there and deadhead.

A single photograph
—portrait of the moment—
is an inexhaustible epic,
a living tale beyond words
superior to a hundred volumes
written and fixed.

A photograph
is consciousness painting,
the instant’s art that opens
on the unbounded vistas
of the inner life.

- Daisaku Ikeda

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