Sunday, August 10, 2014

Series: IV - Cats

I'll confess right up front.

I like cats.
I like murder mysteries.

And you would be surprised at how many murder mystery series involve cats these days.

I suppose that once they took over the internet, 
it was all but inevitable.

The first name many people think of when linking murder mysteries and cats is Lilian Jackson Braun.

Her Cat Who books were the first cat mysteries I ever read.  Although rather simple and formulaic, they were always enjoyable.

The plots are not difficult, and as for the characters, I've always suspected that Jim Qwilleran was, forgive me, in denial about his sexuality, and Polly Duncan, his off again on again paramour, was not actually traveling to visit relatives or attend conferences, but cutting loose on wild adventures of her own.

Diehard Cat Who fans are probably calling for my head on a platter after that supposition, but with all the heavy, dark murder mysteries I've been reading lately, I've come to mistrust the light.

Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy Series has also been a long time favorite. Although Sneaky Pie seems to have gotten a bit preachy as of late. Mary Minor "Harry" Hairsteen was once the spunky individualist and outsider loved by all but the bad guys, and while most main characters in a series evolve, I'm not completely loving the evolution of these characters. (not that I'll stop reading)

I also enjoy The Joe Grey Cat Mysteries by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. The cats have an interesting back story and are quite adept at solving crimes, and likeable.

There are a number of other cat sleuths I turn to from time to time, light and entertaining even if they fall short of being literary classics.

While the prior three grace my shelves, I read the rest of these on my nook.

* The Mattie Winston Series - Annelise Ryan * The Magical Cats Mysteries - Sofie Kelly *
* Cats and Curios Mysteries - Rebecca M. Hale * Cats in Trouble Mysteries - Leann Sweeney *
* Dixie Hemingway - Blaize Clement * The Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries - Ali Brandon (Diane A.S. Suckheart) *

Some people like vampire stories, others prefer zombies or werewolves. Whatever your inclination there is literature to be found. 

Now you know my guilty pleasure. 
What is yours?


  1. I haven't heard of the Joe Grey Cat Mysteries before! I read a lot of mysteries during a 5-year period when my kids were little, just to catch up. My usual pleasure (not too guilty) is more along the lines of science fiction or fantasy, sometimes veering off with supernatural elements, now.

    1. That's funny. When my kids were little, I read a lot of Sci-fi and fantasy.