Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - I'm Pretty Sure It's Autumn Now

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We had some rain this week and it made my garden quite happy.

Nothing about this year has been normal in my garden. Spring started early and kind of slid quietly into Summer. My plants haven't been sure of the seasons at all this year - and they still aren't. That's okay, though. It's still been an adventure.

So, here's what Autumn looks like this week in my garden:

These are my Cherry Tomatoes.

The vine is filling up and I get enough ripe ones for a tasty pasta dish every few days.

(My Sauce Recipe is not too exact but: Heat oil and butter, on low heat, in large pan; add onions, cook until translucent; add chopped garlic & simmer while cutting cherry tomatoes in half & add to pan; simmer 2-3 minutes; add grated parmesan cheese & optional sour cream; salt and pepper to taste. Dump in drained pasta, toss, and serve.)

My Daisies have only had a few blooms at a time, but they've been pretty constant all season.


I planted a ton of Marigolds right after the last frost and they looked great among the Onions and Garlic.

After they gave up the ghost I harvested plenty of seed for next year.

But the surprise came when I moved my pots into that area.

As I watered the pots new plants began sprouting, and should look nice until frost time. 

I lost some of my Crepe Myrtle canopy due to a combination of climate change and reliance on help with questionable communication skills.

(Who's passive aggressive?)

Because of this, I'm letting a couple of new suckers grow to replace the butchered limbs - and they're blooming like it's Spring.

That's one of the great things about Crepe Myrtles, there is always a replacement.

Here's one of my "Bee Baths."

Some dollar store finds have been turned into safe drinking for exhausted Bees tired from all their pollen gathering.

This is my Mum.

It helped ring in Spring, and after a long rest, is getting ready to welcome Fall with open arms.


My Aloe has given me a ton of young plants.

I just need to pot them all up.

This Fountain Grass was tiny when I planted it this Spring.

Now look at it.


I've been pulling up 'volunteer' Tomato plants all Summer, and they just keep coming.

The Kumquats are back this year.

Here's hoping I can nurse them through the Winter and actually get a harvest.



No. Not yet.

I got them in the ground late so there will be no fruit this year, but If I can keep them alive over the Winter, we should have some next year.

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