Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Farmer's Market - Winter Wonderland

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The Saturday Farmer's Market posts have been non existent for quite a few weeks due to injury and chronic illness. My yard, which is mostly orchard and garden now, looks a bit wild and abandoned at the moment. But there are still quite a few gems scattered throughout.

But before I start . . .

Here I am decorating Christmas cookies with the grandkids.

I worked my fingers to the bone preparing for the holidays.

I planted two small packets of Marigolds in the spring and harvested about a quarter of the resulting seed.

I moved my pots to that area for the fall and winter only to see fallen seed sprouted all around the pots.

The Morning Glories that covered the cooler came back as well, but as we had our first frost last night, they will not be blooming.

So far, they are the only frost damage.

My first fall bulbs, Snow Drops, are beginning to bloom.

Since California rarely gets actual snow . . .

My large Rose bushes

are still blooming.

Floribundas are wonderful.

This little one was a Christmas present from the Birds.

At two feet high, it is the smallest Sunflower I've ever grown.

Here I am taking a few moments to rest with my cat 'Joon-bug.'

Most of my Poppies didn't make it through the summer, but a few did.

Even when I couldn't make it outside I was still able to do some work in the 'conservatory.'

I'll share more about it at a later date.

And finally, some artwork.

A fallen leaf perches on the point of an Agave plant with a backdrop of Lilacs.

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