Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Everyone Else is Way Ahead of Me on This . . .

The death toll for the earthquake in Nepal is over 7,500 as of today, with more than twice that injured, and after shocks have continued hamper rescue efforts. The devastation has flattened entire villages and destroyed Historic and World Heritage sites, many of which will never be replaced.
It is feared that this year's harvest will be reduced or even lost because manpower has been turned to rescue and survival, rather than agriculture. This will compound and prolong already unimaginable suffering. 
If you can help, even the smallest donation to the general fund so that Red Cross can put it where it is needed most would help greatly. If Red Cross is not your cup of tea, no problem, give where you feel most confident. If you would like suggestions for alternate giving, there are some included in the links below.
Here are a couple of posts with some relevant information and links on giving:


Red Cross   Direct Link for Red Cross Donations

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