Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's a Garden Party - Early Winter Thoughts

This feature, originally known as Saturday Farmer's Market, was created by Heather at Capricious Reader, and then hosted by Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made on.
Winter Trees
- William Carlos Williams

All the complicated details
of the attiring and
the disattiring are completed!
A liquid moon
moves gently among
the long branches.
Thus having prepared their buds
against a sure winter the wise trees
stand sleeping in the cold.

Fall and winter are a mixed bag in Northern California. We are far enough north to miss the lovely mild winter weather, but not far enough to reap some of the benefits engendered by frigid winters.

Living in an agricultural area also mutes some of the damage done by the drought, as land regularly irrigated retains its ability to absorb winter rains, and the water table is at least partially replenished.

On the down side, deciduous trees and shrubs make a half-hearted stab at dormancy, but like swing shift workers, are easily awakened - and an errant frost can do tremendous damage.

This is the time of the year that garden decor comes into its own.

The Crepe Myrtle may have lost its leaves, but some days is covered with birds.
Most of these are Lesser Gold Finches.

My name may be Snowball, but I haven't actually held one for decades.
However, we recently got a lot of tiny ones. The hail lasted about ten minutes and turned the road white until it melted.

So far this year the East has had most of our warmth and we've had a lot of their cold. 

Stay safe wherever you are.

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