Monday, July 6, 2009

This one calls me back, again & again

blue and white bubbles on black background
Nurunnessa Choudhury, Bangladesh
(Trans. by Nurunnessa Choudhury
& Paul Joseph Thompson)

In the clear world
I blew a cage of glass
and hid myself inside.
Like a homely child
I played with words -
special thoughts,
which I would
make, then break,
no -not now - not yet.
The fire of spring
scorched my heart and body.
I achieved awareness
of life's bass and treble notes:
I trapped wonder
and asked:
What is it?
no -not now - not yet.
Then, in darkness,
stormswept, you came.
Next day
I took apart the cage,
smashed the glass
and gave it to the sky:
This was your gift.
I picked up
my faithless heart,
and met the world
with direct gaze.

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