Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh! Those shameless manners!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We Watched the fireworks with the Boston Pops. It reminded me of watching them while standing next to Niagara Falls, as the beautiful explosions seemed to come from the music itself. A pleasant memory from a long time ago. We switched channels then, and caught Grover and the gang singing. A second fireworks show, and the grandkids were mesmerized.

I continue, now, with another poem from Aint' I A Woman!. This is a powerful collection, echoing the experiences of being a girl/woman, world wide. (But you don't have to be a woman to appreciate it.) I hope you continue to enjoy it.

(Had to laugh at the dates here, along side the sentiment.)


Anna Maria Lenngren, Sweden
Painting of three women in long flowing dresses of eighteenth century

'When I was young,' said Aunt to me,
'Women then, about the year,
Seventeen-thirty, Betty dear,
Dressed in decent linsey woolsey!
No painted faces would one find,
Nor flimsy gowns on womenfolk.
The fairer sex possessed a mind
Of sturdy fabric, like a cloak.
Now all is different in our lives -
Other fabrics, Other mores!
Taffetas, indecent stories
Of young girls as well as wives!
The path of lust they boldly walk;
Shameless manners, daring ways,
Make-up, muslins, daring talk
Go hand-in hand with modern days.'

Forgive me for highlighting the date given in the poem (1730), but does it not seem that some complaints are ageless?

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