Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogging about Google gets you more traffic. Apparently, Google likes itself best!

I've found that results from my Google searches, when I know EXACTLY what I am looking for, often have only tentative connections to what I actually asked for. But when I put Google into the search, the results were precise and on the money (for Google, that is). Does have any connection to the subject at hand? Probably not.

I ran across this very short 2006 article entitled, Blog posts on Google get more traffic.
"To remain focused, if you want to get traffic, start blogging about Google."
I guess my assumption is that If I can't count on my blog coming up high on any search including MY titles, maybe I should choose other titles that will bring it up consistently in other searches. So if each future post ends up with 'Google' somewhere in the title, I hope you all will understand.

logo what do we know about google page rankSome possibly relevant information:

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