Wednesday, November 4, 2009


From the Big Read, (Campaign for Education) which took place in April of this year (2009). (A pdf of the book is here.) The book tells stories of education and the struggles of those denied the chance to learn.

After reading a story in the Big Read, you were asked to sign the last page and send it in; to write your name for the millions that cannot. (774 million adults can not read this, and 75 million children who are not in school will be denied the chance to learn to read and write.) They collected the names to deliver to governments during the week of the 20th to 26th of April 2009 to demand that they take action to make sure that everyone has an education. There are many beautiful stories and contributions.

One excerpt: 
They tried to lock up freedom

They seized the book
Ripped out its spine
Flung it in the fire

Pages fluttered through smoke

They grabbed the pages
Scratched out lines
Crushed them in their fists

Words squeezed through knuckles

They twisted the words
Tore out sound
Swallowed them in their silence

The heart of the book cried out

The pages grew wings

The words breathed Freedom

* ‘They Tried to Lock up Freedom’ © Beverley Naidoo 2004. Commissioned by Barbican Education; published in Journey to Jo’burg, HarperCollins Essential Modern Classics, 2008 

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(Some lessons and work sheets associated with the
writings in the Big Read)

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