Friday, November 20, 2009

Challenge: Fall Into Reading 2009 [UPDATE]

Some of you may recall my Sept. 30 post about the FALL INTO READING challenge. I thought I'd share my status as of today. (click link for first post)

So far I have read:
5 books of poetry (I LOVE poetry - surprise!), 5 murder mysteries (my drug of choice - after chocolate!), 1 book that could sort of be classified as science (in lay terms), 1 beautiful piece of fiction which captures the growing quagmire of dementia from the inside (my no. 1 recommendation!), and 3 modern, thought provoking works of social analysis. That leaves three on the list to read.

If you read the original post you will notice that I've added to the list of books I want to read, bringing the total up to 18 as of this date. Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but I also have a writing goal and need to balance my time between the two.

I have spent less time writing than I had intended, so I think it's time to make a bit of an adjustment. Although I will probably add a few more books before the Challenge is complete, I plan to concentrate more time on writing.

You might also note that I not only listed the books I am reading, but provided a link for their purchase as well, if you are so inclined. I realize that it's the height of self-centeredness to think that you might care to follow my lead, but some of them are quite good and worth reading. This probably also runs into the subject of an earlier post about reading choices.

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